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With the various packages that we offer, you can be sure to find your perfect fit. The FastPass Unlimited Wash not only prepays for a month of unlimited access to our best wash, but also gets you through the line faster.

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For FastPass ask you to select the location you’ll use most frequently. However, once you are set up, you may visit any location at your convenience. Click the Buy Now button above and choose the location for your service.

Our Wash Packages

Simon’s Ceramic

$25 (single wash); $39.99 (unlimited)
Simon’s Lava Shield
$20 (single wash); $34.99 (unlimited)
Simon’s Hot Wax
$15 (single wash); $24.99 (unlimited)
Simon’s Clean and Shine
$10 (single wash)

Our Services


Chemical polymer solution that blends with your paint to provide better protection while enhancing the gloss and keeping your vehicle looking cleaner longer.

Triple Polish

Conditioner that helps with the overall cleaning of your vehicle.

Lava Shield

The Paint Sealant Process. Gives your vehicle a showroom shine!

Hot Wax and Shine

Applies wax to entire vehicle. A hand wax quality finish shine.

Rain Repellant

Repells and protects your vehicle from the rain.

Tire Shine

Gives your tires an ultimate, long lasting shine!


Process that prevents rusting to your vehicle.

Bug Prep

Bust the grime! Removes bugs that cause damage to your vehicles paint.

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