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Does my FastPass work at all locations?

Yes! But we will ask you to select the location you’ll use most frequently. However, once you are set up, you may visit any location at your convenience.

Do you offer FastPass discounts for family members?

Yes! Each additional FastPass purchased receives a $5 discount! This program does have limitations, so ask our on site manager for details.

Is TigerExpress eco friendly?

We utilize the most advanced technology to ensure that your experience at Tiger Express Wash uses even less water than a standard home wash. Of the water used in your Tiger Express Wash, 80% is recycled. The typical home car wash can use up to 100 GALLONS OF WATER. At Tiger Express Wash, we use only a third of that.

Tiger Express Wash uses 8-40 gallons per car while a typical home car wash uses as much as 100 gallons or more and water does not get recycled. Our state of the art water reclamation, recapturing and recycling technology…reduces freshwater consumption and recycles 85% of water used!

We are committed to doing our part in conserving water and using eco-friendly products that don’t pollute local waterways. Our facility uses eco-friendly, phosphate-free, biodegradable detergents to ensure you have a quick, convenient car wash that cleans your vehicle and protects the environment.

How long should I expect to be on site?

Traveling through the tunnel requires only a few minutes. You may spend up to 10 additional minutes utilizing the free vacuum and towels.

Do you offer ways for my organization to fundraise?
Yes! Please use the contact form at the location nearest you to schedule an appointment with the on-site manager. We offer bulk discounts that can then be sold for a profit for your organization.
Do you offer Fleet pricing?
Yes! Please use the contact form at the location nearest you to schedule an appointment with the on-site manager. We offer bulk discounts that can be purchased for your fleet.
How do I cancel my FastPass?

You may cancel your fastpass right here on our website by following the link “buy or manage your pass.” If it’s more convenient, you may also call or stop into any of our locations and our on-site manager will help you cancel your fastpass.

Are you hiring?

Yes! Find the application here!

Do you donate to area charities?

Yes! We consider it a privilege to support our local community. To be considered for a car wash donation, you and/or your event must be a qualified charitable organization or a 501(c)3. Donation requests must be submitted at least 60 days from the date of your event. If you have submitted your request and we do not respond to you within 30 days of your submission date, it means we are unable to contribute at this time.

How do I contact a manager?

Each location has an on-site manager. Complete the form below to contact a manager!

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